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Wreck This Journal

Welcome to the latest edition of Wreck This Journal, now available in stunning colour! Featuring a combination of fresh, modified, and beloved prompts, Wreck This Journal- Now in Colour encourages you to unleash your creativity with vibrant hues. Which colours will you employ to wreck with?

The revolution has embraced the vibrant world of colour. It possesses an inherent element of danger. Embark on a journey to explore uncharted territories with colour. Delve into the realms of mixing, tearing, projecting, flowing, propelling, detonating, launching, descending, and erupting.

You may be an experienced individual in the art of wrecking, having navigated through one or multiple editions of Wreck This Journal. Alternatively, you could be a newcomer to this trend. Regardless of your background, you have stumbled upon the ideal book to unleash havoc upon.

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