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Online Sandtray

"This is my seventh experience using the Oaklander Sandtray program which I really enjoy. It allows you to create a piece of art sparked either from your memory or a fantasy using the images in the program like advanced emojis which you can move, resize and layer. The great part is there are no physical art materials so it's clean, free and easy to use. Once you've finished you can save it as a pdf file.

This particular piece was an attempt to recreate a beautiful, mindful walk in the forest that I had done that had really calmed me and left me feeling in an especially good mood. I was happy I was able to do that by adding in both major and minor details that will remind me fully of that experience. Like everything, the program isn't perfect so you do have to use your imagination a bit but once you've had a couple of tries I feel sure other people will find it appealing too."

This client has given permission to share this artwork and statement.

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