• Rae Sabine

We all Return to Stars

“Its not futile. Its nice to be alive. And its also kinda shit.

its complicated, i guess.

I dont really want to say its worth it, because thats an evaluation only you can make for yourself —

but I feel inclined to say it is,

so I guess thats how I feel for me.

And my life. and my joy. for all my pain.

To get to see the stars.

To watch the street lights turn on.

Wondering what to do next.

Finding love, family, friendship;

then losing it. Then finding

it again.

To choose whats worth the struggle

if its only going to hurt anyway.

Its good to have things worth losing.

And its comforting to know that

Someday none of it will matter.”

his artwork and explanation was created by and consent to share has been given.

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