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The Queer & Transgender Resilience Workbook

Resilience plays a crucial role in maintaining psychological wellbeing. It enables individuals to effectively manage daily stressors and significant challenges. While there are common stressors for many people, queer or gender non-conforming may also face discrimination in housing and healthcare, obstacles in employment, homelessness, rejection from family, physical violence or threats, and systemic unfair treatment and oppression. These experiences can lead to feelings of despair and powerlessness. In a society that can often be hostile and unwelcoming, how can one cultivate resilience?

In this awesomely important workbook, you will learn how to develop the fundamental aspects of resilience: maintaining a positive self-image and recognising your capabilities; understanding your value and nurturing a strong self-esteem; efficiently utilising available resources; asserting yourself and establishing a support network; nurturing hope and personal growth, as well as finding the courage to assist others. By mastering the ability to confront internalised negativity and eliminate the barriers in your life, you can cultivate the resilience necessary to embrace your true self in an imperfect society.

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