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Somatic Internal Family Systems Therapy

Esteemed mental health professionals, including IFS founder Richard Schwartz, have praised this indispensable guide by Susan McConnell. By combining holistic healing wisdom, modern neuroscience and expertise in somatic practices, this book is an invaluable tool for psychotherapists from diverse backgrounds and individuals seeking a more embodied sense of self.

This bestselling guide includes:

- Five core practices: somatic awareness, conscious breathing, radical resonance, mindful movement, and attuned touch, designed for seamless integration into therapeutic sessions.

- Strategies for applying these practices to address a variety of clinical conditions, such as depression, trauma, anxiety, eating disorders, chronic illness, and attachment disorders.

- Techniques to help clients recognise, understand, and reconcile their inner worlds and subpersonalities, leading to improved emotional wellbeing and behaviour.

- A blend of scientific knowledge, experiential exercises, and real-life clinical examples that shed light on the theory and practice of Somatic IFS.

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