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Supporting LGBTQIA+ Folks: Identities & Pronouns

Come along to this workshop on Supporting LGBTQIA+ Folks: Identities & Pronouns - 10am Saturday 22nd June online.

We will discuss: affirming language and practices; consent and safety plans when sharing; the impacts of misinformation and microagressions for LGBTQIA+ people; and offer real-life scenarios showing how assumptions and language can be harmful. So many resources provide.

This session counts as PD hours and is for any workers who want to explore or improve their current affirming and inclusive care, and unpack any personal, social or political views that may colour the professional support provided.

Facilitated by Rae Sabine (they/them) of Creating Wellbeing Melbourne

& Lucian Marine (They/them) of Creative Circles

Register here & receive pre-reading and resources:

Facebook event:

For more info head to the links above. Please share with those who may be interested.

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