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Grief Migraine April 2023

“This GIF is based on images that came to me during a migraine brought about by the intense grief at the loss of my child. My eyes were closed and I had been mostly dozing or resting at a friends place in the country. The image and colours were very distinct and flashing in the upper corner of my eyes against a black background. Seeing this GIF feels like I have made my migraine experience visible to the outside world. I made this by cutting up a piece of black paper into about 21 pieces and quickly scribbling in the colours, then photographing them and inserting them into a GIF in a randomised order. Doing this whilst talking with Rae about my loss helped me to feel more at ease, focussed on the work, instead of just being ‘in my head’. It was a great first session as I was kind of scared about art making. Having an idea for this first session and then carrying it out to completion gives me a sense of progress and action. I left the session feeling lighter and though I had editing to do afterwards, I easily did it (on my phone!) while resting. It somehow gave me a sense of purpose and felt like a part of me otherwise unseen by others was now visible and able to be shared outside of myself. This helps in some intangible, indefinable way.”

This client has given permission to share

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