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Extra Focus

This book is your personal roadmap to understanding and living with adult ADHD. It's a no-judgement zone filled with understanding and guidance from someone who understands what it's like to live with ADHD (in a world that doesn't seem to understand it). You’ll discover:

* The 4 Cs of Motivation framework for driving action and building momentum

* Practical advice for developing habits and routines that don't feel like cruel and unusual punishment

* Tips for managing your energy and avoiding ADHD burnout

* Navigating the clockless mind, including strategies for time estimation and managing chronic lateness

* Memory techniques to stop losing track of tasks, ideas, and your car keys

* Strategies for coping with success amnesia, imposter syndrome, rejection sensitivity, and shame spirals

Written in a warm, down-to-earth style, Extra Focus serves as an essential guide to understanding your neurodivergence and taking control of your ADHD rather than letting it control you. Find motivation in understanding how your brain works. Discover brain hacks that make productivity and organization feel possible.

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