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Still Alive

This graphic novel documents the stories of a number of people @safdarnama met while running art classes in an immigration detention centre. These stories are told within the broader context of Australia's immigration detention systems. Those seeking asylum due to war, strife and violence in their home countries face extraordinary challenges both during their journey and upon arrival.

Safdar Ahmed's book focuses on people who arrive in Australia by boat. For these people, a long, perilous journey ends with the often equally perilous obstacles they face when dealing with Australia's legal processes, with the privations of onshore and offshore detention centres, and with inadequate health and psychological support.

In addition to documenting the stories of those seeking asylum, Still Alive also includes the Safdar Ahmed’s own self-reflective thoughts on the ethics of telling other people's stories, the aesthetics of comics and heavy metal, and the way art can be used for catharsis, healing and redemption after trauma.

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