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I don't want to be me right now.

I see my face and it's changed somehow.

(verse 1)

Mish-mash, growing re-hash, blind to sound and mute to touch.

Blood, mother, blood, mother, blood, mother, BLOOD!

DISconscious, WRONGconscious,

Fizzing chemical effervescence helixing through my blood,

Electric triggers and sharps force-fielding my endeavours and any skerrick of triumph

Until the zizzing crisps insides existing out and the very path is frazzled into ash and blood, mother,

Frazzled into ash and blood, mother, frazzled into ash and blood,

Blood, mother, Blood, mother, blood, mother, BLOOD, MOTHER, BLOOD!

This client has given me permission to share her artwork and lyrics.

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