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Disconnection Through Seeking Connection

“Disconnection through seeking connection


I see you

Unintentional waterskier

With empathic hands and tears of confusion

I guide eight startled legs

From sink to safe seclusion

Kindly stay off my toothbrush

And please don’t fall!

I feel myself pressed

Weeping dull against the door

Asking this spider

What’s your name?

Hello Sally mc Paul


A tall shadow with a golden floofer

I could never have been ready

What we often take for granted

Now entangles me with envy

Everything‘s complex

And feels so unsteady

I block out the tall figure

Grin to the one in the lead

But this pavement is fractured

Heart still dragging behind my feet

I’m an eccedentesiast?

There’s one thing that I need

I’m an eccedentesiast

And that one thing I can only grieve


I still can’t paint you

Laying in my own canvas of tears

I still wait for your call

In puddles of mourning

Deafened by birds that are strangers

Interrupted constantly

By their collaborative squalls

Is this all my fault?

Why my phone won’t connect?

Every damn morning

The phone line feels wrecked”

@theawkwardorchid gave me consent to share

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