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"Rae asked me to create a character to represent my depression and I thought…. “How will I give form to do something like this?

It glides silently and appears without warning from any direction. Sometimes it travels alone, and other times in great swarms that stretch out infinitely.

It moves slowly and carelessly, with no purpose or plan. I can’t bribe it or trick it, bargain with it or appease it, because it doesn’t want anything and it has no goals. It just is.

It trails tentacles and filaments that tangle with everything they touch, some numbing, some burning, some clinging with tiny barbs that sting and tear and scar.

Everywhere it goes it sheds poisonous spores that linger and multiply and spread until they blanket everything in a toxic shroud.

I am its habitat. It is endemic and ineradicable."

This client has given me permission to share these artworks and words with you.

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