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Creative Supervision

Updated: Apr 29

Mooli Lahad argues that the most effective supervision method involves utilising both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, combining intuition and logic. He incorporates metaphors, images, and narratives to enhance theoretical understanding and support processes.

This book has strategies inspired by expressive arts therapies that can be integrated into supervision sessions to tap into creativity. These strategies encompass storytelling, role-playing, guided fantasies, imaginary dialogues, letter-writing, drawing, as well as the using colours and shapes.

Through case studies, Lahad illustrates how these techniques were applied and how they shed light on client relationships. Drawing from his experiences in post-tragedy settings in Israel, Northern Ireland and the former Yugoslavia, Lahad also emphasises the importance of self-supervision.

I would like to end my review by expressing my disagreement with Mooli Lahad’s explanation to why he use he and she throughout this book. I really hope that this decision stems from ignorance rather than any form of discrimination against transgender or non-binary individuals.

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