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Clouded Mind

"I started this piece during a breakup with my now ex, it started as a simple painting with the face and the clouds, over time I added in the squiggles, the rain the blood and lightning, it shows my journey dealing with the grief I felt during the process, it was quite a long breakup, so it left me feeling quite defeated when it did end. This piece was only meant to be simple, but became a way that I used to get through the pain, I am still healing but I am doing much better. 

The clouded mind was me dealing with all the confusing emotions I felt at the start, the squiggles represent the frustration/anger I started to feel, the rain came in when I realised that it was likely over and how sad I felt knowing that it was coming to a close, and the blood and lightning represents the very end when it was all over, I felt hurt, angry and sad, it was a whirlwind of emotions. The journey was a rough one, but I know there are much better things out there for me ❤️"

This client has given permission to share their artwork and words.

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