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“You’re Too Complex”

“Explain to me

Why the pipes won’t stop leaking?

They told me to hold my hands over them

and come back if they keep squeaking.

“It seems it’s just anxiety, how’s your stress, how’s your sleeping?

They told me that

11 times

So explain to me

Why the walls are now rotting

And the floor is caving in?

And why the 12th time I asked for help

They said “we don’t know where to begin”

Number 13 said

“Come back if it gets worse”

I’ve tried figuring it out myself

But being disabled in a world of the rich

That feels like a curse

“You’re too complex for a plumber”

“You’re too complex of a home”

My symptoms are just letters to you

Something to postpone

But this body is hurting me

And this body is my home”

Artwork and poetic statement by @theawkwardorchid

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