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Trauma and Expressive Arts Therapy

This book synthesises the breadth of research on trauma and the brain and presents an innovative framework for treating trauma through the expressive arts. The volume describes powerful ways to tap into deeply felt bodily and sensory experiences as a foundation for safely exploring emotions, memories, and personal narratives.

Rich clinical examples illustrate the use of movement, sound, play, art, and drama with children and adults. Cathy Malchiodi's approach not only enables survivors to express experiences that defy verbalisation, but also helps them to transform and integrate the trauma, regain a sense of aliveness, and imagine a new future.

If you purchase this book “Trauma and Expressive Arts Therapy” you will get access to a companion website where you can download and print reproducible tools from the book in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size, as well as full-color versions of 26 figures.

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