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The adventures of the Orange Cat and the Red Rabbit.

“Once upon a time there was a red rabbit and orange cat that were friends.

They both had challenges because neither of them looked very much like a rabbit and a cat.

They lived in a huge and beautiful forest where no man had ever destroyed it.

They both knew that they were very lucky to live there and enjoyed their life in this special place.

One day as they played together they noticed a loud noise deeper into the forest.

They were scared as they had never heard this before.

They huddled together and hoped the noise would stop.

Even though they were scared they decided to head into the forrest and follow the sound to see what it was.

As they got closer to the noise it got louder and louder.

They stopped and could see a large machine knocking down the trees.

All the birds had left this part of the forest.

The rabbit and the cat decided to leave this place too and go back to where they knew they were safe.”

This client gave consent for me to share her bilateral art and story

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