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Learning from Lived Experience Leadership

I was fortunate enough to have my thoughts shared on this Lived Experience Leadership workshop series:

Day 1: “As a practitioner with white Anglophone privilege and settler privilege, I feel it’s important to learn from those who are directly affected by racism, colonisation and ethnocentrism in order to decolonise my own practice. This is why these Learning from Lived Experience workshops are so important.”

Day 2: “As a queer practitioner, queer kinships are a significant part of my life and wellbeing. However, numerous practitioners are lacking personal experience with queer communities and may not fully grasp the importance of why queer forms of kinship and queer community care are vital to us. It is crucial for professionals working with queer participants to comprehend the fundamental significance of queer relationships in our lives, and to familiarise themselves with the roles, ideas, and cultural dynamics that shape our relationships.”

Day 3: “As a neurodivergent practitioner, I also look forward to attending Day 3, as I aim to challenge oppressive, pathologising perspectives that could unintentionally affect my work. Depathologising mental health matters to me, because I am passionate about people’s autonomy to interpret the meaning of their own lived experiences.”

You can read more here:

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