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Brick-Based Counseling

Brick-Based Counseling (formally titled LEGO®-Based Counseling) is an innovative and dynamic approach to supporting social-emotional learning and development in children in both individual and small group counseling settings.

Through hands-on activities using LEGO® bricks that incorporate aspects of art and play therapy, children engage in creative expression and explore various social-emotional insights and skills related to: Family Changes, Emotion Management, Mindfulness, Friendship and Collaboration, Growth Mindset and Goal Setting and Self-Esteem

This book contains detailed lesson plans featuring easy-to-implement projects using LEGO® bricks, extension activities, and discussion questions for six 30-minute sessions per topic. It also includes digital files describing 3 more-involved, project-based social skills groups: Social Stories & Comic Books, Architectural Structures & Stop-Motion Animation.

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