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It is important to respect the privacy of transgender individuals and not “out” us. However, if you ever need to mention someone’s assigned gender at birth, it is crucial you use the correct terms. Please stop saying we where born a certain sex or once was a certain gender. We were not born female/male. We were assigned male/female at birth.

If a someone talks about themselves a certain way, it might be ok to reflect that language back to them in that situation or relationship. However, it is important to be mindful that you might be using language others may find harmful to hear use about them.

Remember that some individuals don’t see themselves being incorrectly assigned a gender at birth as they may be from culture(s) where gender works differently from how it does in Western culture (e.g., societies with a history and present of recognising more than two traditional genders).

AFAB AND AMAB from Rae Sabine

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