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11 Reasons why painting is so important for senior citizens

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

1. Communication: It helps to overcome shyness other hurdles.

2. Therapy: Stimulus of the creative mind generates relaxation and happiness feelings.

3. Self-esteem: Working in a non-competitive helps to focus on personal achievements.

4. Mobility: In elderly people, painting helps them strengthen their fine motor skill.

5. Concentration: People who immerse themselves can achieved a meditation like state.

6. Mental Health: Painting helps us get distracted from our problems or helps expression.

7. Brain: Painting stimulate the left and right brain hemispheres, helping to fight Alzheimer.

8. Emotional Intelligence: Making emotions flow through painting helps create harmony.

9. Art Appreciation: The creating art experience helps to gain a better understanding of it.

10. Culture: Painting can enable someone to better understand human history through art.

11. Fun: Laugh, be social, learn, feel motivated, appreciate nature and feel passion.

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