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Tree of Life

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

The Tree of Life is a visual metaphor in which a tree represents your life and the various elements that make it up. By labelling these elements, you not only begin to discover (or rediscover) aspects of yourself shaped by your past, but you can then actively cultivate your tree to reflect the kind of person you want to be moving forward. Below is what each part of the tree represents:

The Ground - The things you do to ground yourself. These should not be things you are forced to do, but rather things you have chosen to do for yourself and actually find helpful.

The Roots - Where you have come from. This can be your hometown, state, country, etc. You could also write down the culture you grew up in or map out a family tree with the roots.

The Trunk - Your skills and values on the trunk. Some of your skills and values might connect but they don't have to. You might start with your values and then move to your skills.

The Branches - Your hopes, dreams and wishes on the branches. These can be personal, communal or general to all of mankind. There are no limits on your imagination.

The Leaves - The names of those people who have significantly impacted you in a positive way. These could be your friends, family, pets, heroes, musicians, authors, historical figures, etc.

The Fruits - The legacies that you wish to leave behind. These can be material things, such as an inheritance but these could also be attributes such as courage, generosity, kindness, etc.

The client who created this artwork of their Tree of Life has given me permission to share it.

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The tree of life shows a black face peeping through intellect tree . It is organised. Well defined and focussed . Will grow , row and scale heights

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