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Lego Communication Game


Therapy process by: @creatingwellbeingmelbourne

Text instructions in post graphics:

🌈This game is for practicing and reflecting on communication styles, differences in perceptions and intentions, whilst taking turns to build sculptures collaboratively

🌈Each player starts with a selection of exactly the same bricks

🌈Make it so each player cannot see what the other is doing (you could use a barrier or sit back to back)

🌈Each player takes turns in choosing one brick and placing it, whilst describing what they are doing with words, in hopes the other player does the same.

🌈Finally, when the building comes to a natural end, both players can reveal their sculptures to eachother and discuss how they found the process and what they notice about the sculptures

🌈This is an opportunity to reflect on differences and/or similarities in communication styles, perceptions and intentions. There is no winning or loosing, only oportunity to learn from eachother

Co-written and edited by Alana Stewart and Rae Sabine. Check out Rae's blog post on this process on their website!

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