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Actually ND CATs Community

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

If you are an Australian registered creative therapists and are neurodivergent please look up our Facebook group “Actually ND CATs Community”

We use Creative Arts Therapist as an umbrella term for all therapists using one or more creative modality as a focus in their work. We use neurodivergent as an umbrella term to cover all those with different neurotypes that are not neurotypical.

Self identification of neurodivergence is always valid and accepted.

This group is to offer community where we can share lived experience, give and get support.

We are here to destigmatise and normalise the living experience of being neurodivergent and a practicing creative arts therapist and unravell our collective strengths and insights.

Umbrella by Rae Sabine

Group logo by Alana Stewart

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